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nelink is unique to the North East and supported by informnorth and our partners. This site is a great way of helping out and creating links that could open the door to new opportunities and paid employment that you'll quickly find invaluable.

NE Work Experience - if you are at school and searching for a great work experience opportunity, or you are a student or a graduate and looking for a rewarding placement, then this is a fantastic place to start.

NE Volunteering - if you are looking for something worthwhile to do where your skills, experience and enthusiasm will be well recognised and rewarded, possibly with a job, then see what we can offer you.

NE Vacancies - if you are an employer - whether you are a business, community group, council, agency, social enterprise or charity - and based in the North East, then we offer you the most cost effective route to promoting and filling your jobs and vacancies.

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If you are searching for a different route to doing something worthwhile and being better connected, then nelink proves the job's a good 'un.

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