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My name is Maxwell and I run a Community Interest Company called Integration Gates. We help people who are seeking asylum, often when they might have escaped from civil unrest or disruption in their home country. 

Our aim is to help them to get a foot-hold again and to play a more fulfilling role in life wherever they might settle. We do this by helping them to integrate and become British citizens by preparing for the 'Life in the United Kingdom' settlement test, helping them to build their ICT skills and access more help and support.

I would love to… know that if somebody needs my help that I was there for them. We use nelink to meet lots of new people who can help us by giving their time as volunteers even whilst studying at college or university or after work. They play a big part in what we do and I'm proud to be part of nelink's unique volunteer Talent Pool myself, where I can offer my own skills and expertise or my enthusiasm to help others.

"Everybody is looking to do things more efficiently just now - and with very limited resources. We have a real need to do things differently and in more joined-up ways. But we also have a real duty-of-care to support our communities and businesses too. A large part of this is helping people to contribute and make a real and lasting difference and as a resource, nelink is helping to meet this need. "
Mary Coyle MBE, nelink patron

"Mike and his team have taken what is a brilliant and much-needed idea to the very next level. But don't just take my word, use nelink and put it to the test - you have nothing to lose - and I promise you won't be disappointed!"
Ann Ryalls, Graduate Teacher Programme Manager

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