Happy to help whenever I can

My name is Zoe Cooper. I am 20 years old and I live in Sunderland with my parents and brothers. I have many hobbies and interests including watching films, eating out and traveling as much as possible.

I like to read and write and occasionally play some scrabble. I like to learn new words and would love to own a word of the day calendar.

In the past I have been involved in charitable organisations such as the Air Training Corps as well as studying at college. I am now studying magazine journalism at university while holding down a part time managerial position at McDonalds. I also spend time in a local school helping out when they need me.

I am willing to give anything a go and like to try new opportunities. I will help people where I can and if I can't I will try to point them in the right direction.

If I am available and free to help then I will help any organisation or good cause that I can.

I would love to... finish my degree and gain more experience in the field of journalism but I am also keen to work with children. I want to gain as much life experience as possible and aim to be good at whatever I do.

"What a super idea - this is a fantastic web resource for people of all ages, but especially young people who don't yet have lots of contacts. I'm happy to spread the word about it because it's a great way of helping people to grow their network of contacts and at the same time, make lots of links to some very useful connections. "
Ann Marsh, Director, Skills4U

"There are no volunteer and mentoring services like nelink anywhere else in the UK. We are fortunate to have something so helpful and unique, it's a constant source of inspiration and guidance for business and individuals alike. "
Andrew White

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