It's game on for Michael

I’m a confident, smart and creative person who is very reliable. My hobbies and interests are playing sports such as football, badminton, tennis and swimming, gaming and using computers.

I enjoy going to live events like music concerts and football matches. I would love to work within sports and fitness in a coaching role. I enjoy creating and editing videos and watching films from action to comedy.

I have experience in sales calls as I was selling adverts in magazines to local businesses and I also helped to maintain a news website by supplying it with articles and images. I love being creative and love gaming so I often play games and have lots of ideas and ways others could improve their own games.

I would love to... gain more experience and work in the gaming industry or as a Sports Coach.

"What a super idea - this is a fantastic web resource for people of all ages, but especially young people who don't yet have lots of contacts. I'm happy to spread the word about it because it's a great way of helping people to grow their network of contacts and at the same time, make lots of links to some very useful connections. "
Ann Marsh, Director, Skills4U

"Mike and his team have taken what is a brilliant and much-needed idea to the very next level. But don't just take my word, use nelink and put it to the test - you have nothing to lose - and I promise you won't be disappointed!"
Ann Ryalls, Graduate Teacher Programme Manager

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