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My name is Leon and I live in Darlington. I've tried my hand at a lot of different things since I left school and think that just about everything you can do is an opportunity to learn and hopefully get ahead in life.

That's why I added my details to nelink. I like the fact that nelink's Talent Pool matches my interests and expertise where I can help somebody, but in ways that are about more than just regular volunteering, which I wouldn't have much time for.

I'd definitely recommend it as a good way of meeting more people and making lots of worthwhile contacts and connections, especially with those who might then be able to help you further down the line, or later on in life in return as a direct result.

I would love... To keep expanding my knowledge and network and grow my own expertise as much as I can, as you never know where it's going to lead you!

"nelink's one of the easiest ways for people and businesses of all sizes to get more help and support. For those who want to widen their circle of contacts, it's a straightforward way of doing some good and offering it too. A brilliant resource for the northeast!"
Liz Nelson, Empire Training

"If they are to be successful, most organisations do one thing and they do it well. But Mike and the team have bucked this trend and are great at juggling and delivering several unique services at once. By helping people with sound advice for media and promotional campaigns they can save you money and with nelink, they are continuing their great work!"
Mick Emerson, Senior Business Manager, Hartlepool Borough Council

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