No boundaries and no limits

Hi, my name is Mark. I live in Northumberland and have recently launched my own business - camperscape. As an adventure co-ordinator, this role enables me to help people escape on an adventure in one of our VW campervans and we make their trip as memorable as possible.

When I knew I was being made redundant from a local college, I thought the time was right to strike out in a different direction and put my passion and interests into a business. I'm pleased to say that so far, it's been a decision I've not regretted - in fact quite the opposite - as I get to attend all the VW festivals and shows and meet lots of great people whilst doing something I love.

I have a solid background in management, education and career progression as well as experience and knowledge of social media ( and all its uses. I don't have a lot of time to give so nelink is great for me because it only involves helping out when it fits in with what I'm doing.

I would love... to add to our fleet of campervans and help more people to have affordable, fun family holidays and see more of what our region has to offer, its beautiful scenery and the massive range of things there are to do. 

"Everybody is looking to do things more efficiently just now - and with very limited resources. We have a real need to do things differently and in more joined-up ways. But we also have a real duty-of-care to support our communities and businesses too. A large part of this is helping people to contribute and make a real and lasting difference and as a resource, nelink is helping to meet this need. "
Mary Coyle MBE, nelink patron

"Ten out of ten for a web resource that meets the mark! If people are going to stand out in a crowded jobs market, then they are going to need as much help and support as possible and know about the range of organisations and opportunities that are open to them. This is exactly where nelink fits in. The job really is a good 'un - well done!"
John McCarthy, JHP Employability

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