Mark's Story

Like a lot of lads my age, I couldn't wait to leave school and get in to the world of employment. I started out on a management programme with James Burrell the builders merchants. This led to being employed at their Middlesbrough depot which has since closed and I remember it as being great fun and interesting too. I've always loved cars, especially the VAG range, so I was fortunate to be approached and asked to join a leading motor group where I gained invaluable additional sales and customer service expertise for a few more years.

I'm now working in the third sector with a leading not-for-profit organisation, helping small businesses, community based organisations and charities to get things done and raise a decent profile with less and less resources, mainly due to cut backs and a lack of funding. I love what I do and no two clients or two days are the same and whilst the economy remains challenging, it's really rewarding to be helping people who are great to work with.

I would love to... help anybody who is renovating an old car or campervan or get involved with an activity that helps connect people and businesses together.

"As an online resource that's free for us to access and use, offers an important way to help support communities and mobilise people. It's a brilliant way of widening your circle of contacts and making better connections but it also links people together with potential employers and those who might be able to help them further down the line."
Ray Harriman, Manor Residents Association

"I recently completed my degree at Sunderland University and I'm now keen to build the number of connectionsI have - especially with people that might be able to help me gain employment. I want to put what I have learned in to practice and think nelink is a great way to do this, whilst helping others as and when I have some spare time."
Ryan Fawcett, Concept Artist

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