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If you are searching for a brand new job or career, or full time or part time work and employment, then neLINK is the best way of promoting yourself to potential employers right across the North East, quickly and easily.

Please be aware that all of your details are on full public view. For data security reasons you may want to limit the contact details that are shown with just an email and remove your postal address too, but the choice is totally up to you. This is a totally free service for job hunters, where you can promote yourself direct for two full weeks to businesses of all sizes. You can use the unique reference number that we give you to call up your original advert and amend your details to carry on advertising yourself with no fuss an hassle after the initial two week period.

You can showcase all of your experience and any qualifications you might have, with a personalised advert that can really sell your abilities and what you have to offer potential employers. It only takes a few minutes to complete the process and you can see a preview of your advert at every step of the way and after your two weeks is up, and you can use your reference number call up and amend your advert before running it again. You can add a copy of your CV as a Word .doc file, or include any supporting documents as a .pdf file too.

If you are searching for a customer facing opportunity such as a sales position or retail, bar or reception work, then take the opportunity to let your smile and outgoing personality shine through by replacing our neLINK Job Hunter icon with a full colour photograph of yourself.

Give yourself the edge in the hunt for employment
It doesn't matter what sort of work or which sector you are looking for employment in, you could be a van driver or a sales director - there's an opportunity available and waiting for you. It doesn't even matter the size of employer you want to promote yourself to because neLINK targets businesses of all sizes - we also target community groups, councils, social enterprises, community based and charitable organisations too.

The whole process only takes minutes and you can see a full preview of your advert at all times, which lets you know all of your details are correct. When you submit your advert, you will be given a confirmation message and directed to paypal to make your payment. Give yourself the edge over your competition in the hunt for employment and advertise yourself today.

Have you previously advertised a vacancy with us?
If you type in your original vacancy reference number into the box below, you can call up your original advert and alter or amend it before readvertising the post again. You can take the opportuinty to add a new application form, job specification and do so quickly and easily before submitting and paying through paypal.

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Give yourself the edge when searching for work by promoting yourself with a Job Hunter advert today. Please complete all fields and upload your details.

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Our special job advertising and recruitment service is the quick and easy way to fill your vacancies as cost effectively as possible. Using our special template, your advert can sell the benefits of your job and working in your organisation and it could be up and running and promoting your job in minutes. You can use the two panels above to add your details and watch how easy it is to personalise an advert that really sells your business and organisation and gets you the results you want. Remember to use keywords effectively in your text and write clearly and succinct for the internet jobseeker. You can edit your information as much as you like, adding your own logo, full job description and application form and make sure you are totally happy before submitting it. Payment is made through paypal, so you know all your information and details remain safe and secure at all times, and if you prefer, you can set up a prepayment account with us, just get in touch on 0191 5866 010 to ask for details. And if you are a charitable organisation and vat exempt, just adding your registration number at the payola page ensures you aren't charged. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain and unlike regular CV websites, because we put every applicant in touch with you direct, neLINK guarantees that every single application and CV is delivered direct to your mailbox.

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If you are searching for a different route to doing something worthwhile
and being better connected, then neLINK proves the job's a good 'un.



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