Get the competitive edge by attracting the best staff and advertising your vacancies cost effectively
If you are an employer of any size - a business, community group, council, social enterprise or a community based or charitable organisation - then neLINK gives you the edge over your competition by helping you to advertise your jobs, career vacancies and apprenticeships as cost effectively as possible, anywhere in the North East.

It costs just £50 through a paypal donation fee, to promote your vacancy for two full weeks to thousands of targeted job seekers and benefit from measurable results. You can personalise your advert easily and you can add an application form, logo and a full job description in pdf or word format.

You can view a preview of your advert throughout the whole process so you know your details are correct. When you submit your advert, you will be given a confirmation message and directed to paypal to complete your transaction by credit card. The whole process only takes minutes.

Advertise quickly and easily or set up an account
If you are advertising more than one position and would find it easier to prepay, then please note that we can organise this for you and just charge a 10% flat rate administration fee for this service, just email to give us details and we will get in touch and organise . For example, if you are recruiting for an Office Manager, Delivery Driver and an Apprentice at the same time and prepay for 6 different vacancies to be advertised, then we will deduct for three leaving you with three vacancies in credit that you can advertise when you need to and when it suits you.

Unlike other online recruitment sites who might only forward 10 or 12 CV's and charge eight times as much, neLINK makes it as easy as possible for every single applicants to view your details and contact you direct, so you can fill your vacancies fast.

Take advantage of our application-matching service
If you advertise a vacancy online, then it stands to reason that with so many people able to view and reply to your job details, you could be absolutely inundated. Whilst some people may have the time and staffing resources to go through every single applicant, other businesses won't be able to and could be totally swamped. For this reason we offer a cost effective Applicant Matching Service, designed to your own needs and requirements, to find out more and speak to us about your requirements confidentially, just email with your details and we will get in touch, ensuring you receive only the most relevant applications through

Have you previously advertised a vacancy with us?
If you type in your original vacancy reference number into the box below, you can call up your original advert and alter or amend it before readvertising the post again. You can take the opportuinty to add a new application form, job specification and do so quickly and easily before submitting and paying through paypal.

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Add your vacancy details and a preview of your vacancy will be shown below:

Use this panel to add your details and personalise your advert using our special template quickly and easily. Add your logo, job description and application form, and take the time to ensure you are happy with your advert. You can be up and running and promoting your vacancy swiftly, and when you submit your advert you will get a confirmation email with your own unique reference number to help you track all applicants.

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Our special job advertising and recruitment service is the quick and easy way to fill your vacancies as cost effectively as possible.
Using our special template, your advert can sell the benefits of your job and working in your organisation and it could be up and running and promoting your job in minutes.
You can use the two panels above to add your details and watch how easy it is to personalise an advert that really sells your business and organisation and gets you the results you want.
Remember to use keywords effectively in your text and write clearly and succinct for the internet jobseeker. You can edit your information as much as you like, adding your own logo, full job description and application form and make sure you are totally happy before submitting it.
Payment is made through paypal, so you know all your information and details remain safe and secure at all times, and if you prefer, you can set up a prepayment account with us, just get in touch on 0191 5866 010 to ask for details.
And if you are a charitable organisation and vat exempt, just adding your registration number at the payola page ensures you aren't charged.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain and unlike regular CV websites, because we put every applicant in touch with you direct, neLINK guarantees that every single application and CV is delivered direct to your mailbox.

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If you are searching for a different route to doing something worthwhile
and being better connected, then neLINK proves the job's a good 'un.



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