Searching for volunteering opportunities?
You know you have something to offer and lots to give. You also know that volunteering isn't about doing something for nothing - it's more about about doing something for yourself - and that's exactly where nelink fits in.

Volunteering does not affect any benefit payments you might be receiving and it doesn't even matter what age you are, or what background you are from, so you have nothing to lose but lots to gain.

If you are looking for interesting opportunities that are worthwhile and will make a real difference, then nelink is the very best
place to start. Add your details and we will match you up with opportunities that will make good use of your
time and your interests.

It's also okay if you're not exactly sure what you'd like to do and what's more, you don't need any particular skills, talents or expertise either. In fact quite often, you will gain lots more of these just by volunteering, but any details you can tell us about yourself would be great, so just let us know.

There's something for everybody - and absolutely everybody can help out
We aim to find a role to suit every individual, and all those who will have contact with children will be screened. All you need
to do is fill in the form below and we will pass your details on to any relevant organisations which request help. They will then contact you to discuss the opportunity further.

Whenever you volunteer through nelink you will also receive a professional LinkedIn testimonial which will help you to stand out
in a crowded jobs market. This means that every single time you help somebody out you will gain valuable experience for your CV and you will also have a great reference for potential employers to view, and track just where you have made a real difference.

Fill in your details and we will do the rest
Fill in your details and we will match you up with the worthwhile opportunities that will help you to make better connections and great links with the sort of people who, in time, might be able to offer you paid work or employment.

So what are you waiting for? You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain - increase your network of contacts now.

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Caring, Counselling & Social Work
Community work
Computers, Technology & Website Design
Employee & Group Volunteering
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Hostel work
Legal work
Local Events
Marketing, PR & Media
National & International Events
Practical work & DIY
Retail & Charity shops
Sports Development
Teaching, Training, Coaching & Mentoring
Trusteeship & Committee Work
Youth Work & Volunteering

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If you are searching for a different route to doing something
worthwhile and being better connected, then nelink proves the job's a good 'un.



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