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Most of us know that volunteering in the traditional sense provides an opportunity to work and interact with people from quite different walks of life. And in all its varied forms, volunteering also provides us with valuable lessons in teamwork, leadership, self development and the opportunity to make useful contacts and help out whenever we are able and wherever we can make the most difference. builds on this knowledge and no matter where you are based in the north east, provides the quickest and easiest way of finding people of all ages and abilities who have the best skills and experience to really help you - in each of the areas you actually need the most help.

We can help link you to individuals with the very best skills, talents and abilities. It doesn't matter what you need, ask for help where it will make the most difference to what you are doing or actually need right now.

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Do something for yourself and ask for help today
Think about all of the areas where a helping hand would really make all the difference to your business, charity or community based organisation, but where you don't seem to have the money or staff resources you need.

This is exactly where nelink fits in - we will put you in direct touch with two people every single time you make a request. People who will be willing to use their talents, expertise and free time to help you in a voluntary capacity.

But return the favour and give your volunteer a reference or testimonial in return for helping out
In return for gaining their help and support in whatever area you request it, you agree to give everybody that volunteers to help you through nelink a short personalised testimonial on their LinkedIn profile.

Volunteers who offer their services through nelink might be doing so to widen their circle of contacts and help out in ways where they can make the best use of their skills and interests, but where possible, they are also trying to make links with people like you, who could help them gain more experience to put on their CV or help them to land paid work when it arises, or a job opportunity.

The small £10 paypal donation fee we ask for each time you use our service helps us to keep nelink online and updated. For this fee, you get the contact details for two people who most closely match the skills you need in the area you want or need help most. The next time you need support in the same subject area you won't need us, we'll have already linked you with somebody who should be able to help again, or if they have moved on or aren't available we have lots of other great people for you to contact.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by asking for help and everything to gain. We guarantee results, so what are you waiting for? Make things easier for yourself, take action now and let us help.

If you are searching for a different route to doing something
worthwhile and being better connected, then nelink proves the job's a good 'un.



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