Work experience - Corporate Social Responsibility in action
It doesn't matter what size organisation or business you work in, offering young people a work experience placement is one of the most important things you can do for them. It is brilliant for your business and organisation profile too, because it demonstrates your community spirit and publicly highlights your attitude towards your own corporate social responsibilities. Work experience is not just something to put on a CV - for many young people it's a unique chance to explore an employment sector, a chosen business or industry, or find out more about a potentially interesting career. This helps them gain a better understanding of the world of work and what is actually expected by employers.

Most work experience opportunities are offered because good employers know that as a direct result, they will see many benefits to their businesses, including the development of their existing employees. It's these benefits which govern their view that work experience is important to them and one of the main reasons they choose to get involved.

It's not just about gaining experience in commercial companies or big businesses either; work experience gained with councils, charities, associations, trusts, universities, social enterprises or institutes of any size are important and for this reason, absolutely everybody can play their part.

For many, it will be the first step they take into paid employment and will influence the decisions they make about their career or education options, so it's a brilliant way for the employer and student to create effective connections which could stand them in good stead at a later date.

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Key employer benefits from offering work experience

Ability to influence the quality of future employees: employers can help to prepare and improve the quality of
young people coming onto the labour market;

Developing more cost-effective recruitment channels: building links that can help attract school leavers into jobs
and reduce recruitment costs;

Influence career choices: many employers know work experience placements are a great way of raising the profile
of career opportunities within their organisation, dispelling stereotyped and out-dated views;

Raising standards; there is clear evidence that well-organised work experience placements enrich students' general education and help to improve the standard of
their vocational work;

Better community profile: many employers attach
importance to raising their profile in the community. Work experience placements provide a valuable means of creating a positive image amongst students, parents, employees and the wider community;

Management development: the process of planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating work experience programmes gives scope for employees to develop their own management and coaching skills, and directly widen their
own experience too;

New ideas: students may provide fresh perspectives to any business or organisation, as well as providing an additional key resource.

The ripple effect: companies participating in work experience activities have found they increase the motivation of their other employees.

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