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These are tough times for young people. Actually, these are tough times for just about everybody. Massive youth unemployment caused by the extended economic slump means that many young people are finding it difficult to find jobs that meet their aspirations, or jobs of any kind for that matter.

With one in five graduates unable to find work and unemployment figures at a seventeen year high, getting a foot on the career ladder for those leaving higher education has never been harder either.

And what about older adults, who may have lost a job or the prospect of employment through cut backs and too many businesses that have closed down or drastically reduced their staff numbers - who do they turn to in order to take their next steps, to retrain, or gain the skills needed for the work and jobs that do exist?

This is exactly where nelink.info fits in best and how we can help you - through our special next steps section. If you are a training or education provider, or an organisation or business that is responsible for helping people gain new skills or qualifications or offering your expertise, then add your details for free so they can be found by people who are actively searching for help where they live, on their doorstep or in their area.

Complete your details to be added to our comprehensive search results

You can add your details quickly and easily by using the panel opposite and by completing your details and telling us about yourselves, your information will show up in the next steps search results whenever somebody enters a key word or searches by location postcode. By clicking on the search result boxes that are returned, people are able to get in touch with you direct, quickly and easily.

When it comes to finding a pathway to a great job, rewarding career and employment, the key to success is finding out what you want to do and linking in with those who can help you. By adding your details, you are ensuring people can contact you at the click of a mouse with no fuss or hassle. You are also giving your organisation the edge over competitors who might not have been as proactive or as quick to take action.

And through informnorth magazine and nelink, we are continuing to provide the most effective ways of linking people to the very best sources of information, advice, guidance and help, wherever they might live, in all parts of the north east.

If you are searching for a different route to doing something worthwhile
and being better connected, then nelink proves the job's a good 'un.



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